Multi-scale functional mapping of the marmoset brain and development of ultra-wide and ultra-deep functional mapping techniques

Research period : 2021-2023
Principal Investigator
大木 研一

Kenichi Ohki

Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

The final three years of the Brain/MINDS Project will be the harvesting period for our projects, and we will complete and present them to the world as an achievement of the Brain/MINDS Project. First, we will clarify the relationship between blobs, orientation columns, and pinwheel centers in V1. Next, we will elucidate the role of thin stripes in V2, which have been thought to represent surface information, but which we have found can also represent angle features. Finally, we will clarify that there are cells in the MT/MST that respond selectively to motion aftereffects and that motion aftereffects can be understood in a predictive coding framework. In addition, we will develop ultra-wide two- and three-photon microscopes to enable functional imaging of wider and deeper regions in marmosets.