Studies on the function and dysfunction of the prefrontal cortex and deep brain structures of marmosets

Research period : 2021-2023
Principal Investigator
南部 篤

Atsushi Nambu

National Institute for Physiological Sciences, National Institutes of Natural Sciences

We would like to contribute to Brain/MINDS programs by applying electrophysiological methods to marmoset brains. Our approaches include: (1) electrophysiological recordings and functional mapping of the prefrontal cortex; (2) mapping of the prefrontal cortex by using calcium imaging and comparing with electrophysiological data; (3) investigating fiber connections from/to the identified brain areas; (4) developing methods to analyze the function of the basal ganglia and related deep brain structures, particularly dopamine measurement; and (5) developing models of psychiatric/neurological disorders and analyses of their pathophysiology.

  • Makoto Osanai

    Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University