Elucidation of neural circuit responsible for cognition and behavior in disease pathology

Principal Investigator
橋本 亮太

Ryota Hashimoto

United Graduate School of Child Development, Osaka University

Schizophrenia shows positive symptoms (hallucinations and delusions),negative symptoms (a willingness decline and apathy) and cognitive impairment. Schizophrenia is a typical mental illness that results in a decrease of social function. Intermediate phenotypes,neurobiological traits related to risk for schizophrenia such as cognitive impairment, abnormal neuroimaging findings and neurophysiological abnormalities,are considered the key to unlock the pathological mechanism of schizophrenia. In this study,we elucidate the pathology of neural circuit using an intermediate phenotype of schizophrenia. It is an object to develop a translatable brain and behavioral indicators.