Development of innovative wide-view mapping of synaptic ensemble in the psychiatric model

Research period : 2017-2020
Principal Investigator

Akiko Hayashi-Takagi

RIKEN Center for Brain Science

We will develop “Functional connectomics”, which involves the information what neuronal circuits are utilized and (de)potentiated during brain functions. For this purpose, we take advantage of a synaptic optoprobe, AS-PaRac1 (Activated Synapse targeting PhotoActivatable Rac1), which can specifically label the recently potentiated spine. Combined with simultaneous three-color imaging of an activity-dependent expression of the presynaptic marker (blue), postsynaptic neuronal filler (green), and AS-PaRac1 (red), we try to visualize functional connectomics. Functional connectomics will pioneer a comprehensive understanding of how the brain works and how the dysfunction of neuronal circuit is related with the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders.