(G) Development of database, data analysis methods, and new MRI techniques

Main Researcher
田中 啓治

Keiji Tanaka

Cognitive Brain Mapping

We develop and operate pipelines that automatically processes a large amount of raw data created by experimental laboratories, and develop a website that provides reliable and comprehensive marmoset brain structure information widely in a form that is easy for users to use. Secondly, we develop and apply mathematical analysis methods to facilitate the analysis of functional data and to help plan functional experiments. Thirdly, we develop new MRI technologies to facilitate the comparison of human and marmoset brain.

Sub Researchers
  • Alexander Woodward

    Connectome Analysis
  • Henrik Skibbe

    Brain Image Analysis
  • Taro Toyoizumi

    Neural Computation and Adaptation
  • Fumiyasu Komaki

    Mathematical Informatics Collaboration
  • Shin Ishii

    Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
  • Kenji Doya

    Neural Computation Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University