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*This website has been archived since FY2024 and will no longer be updated.

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The name of this website is “Brain/MINDS” and is hereafter referred to as “Site”.
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On the use of this Site

Every effort is made to ensure that the contents of this Site are accurate, complete, and safe, but we ask, nevertheless, that you be careful. The use of any information derived from the contents of this Site is the responsibility of the user, and Brain/MINDS takes no responsibility for any action that may be taken by a user using this information.

  1. Brain/MINDS takes absolutely no responsibility for any damage that may be caused by the use of this Site.
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Information collected
on this Site

  1. This Site automatically collects Internet domain names, IP addresses, and other such information. This information is used to ensure the smooth operation of the services provided by this Site.
  2. We will not use the information gathered through this Site for any other purpose or provide this information to a third party, except when there is a legally-based request for disclosure, when the person whose information is to be used has consented to the use, or for any other such special reason.


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Unauthorized republishing of material on this Site is prohibited. Use or reproduction after altering the content is also prohibited. When using the contents with the permission of Brain/MINDS or the contents provider, the required copyright notice must be included. The copyright notice may not be altered or deleted.

Posting this Site’s hyperlink

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We do not allow the posting of our hyperlink in the following cases.

The content of third-party websites with hyperlinks posted on this Site or which post a hyperlink to this site are the responsibility of those third parties. This Site bears no responsibility for the content of third-party websites or for any damage resulting from the use of those third-party websites. This Site does not endorse the use of third-party websites or of the products, services, companies or the like offered on those websites. Please be aware that by using such third-party websites, you are agreeing to their terms of use.


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