Acquisition of detailed functional and structural brain images of human healthy subjects for promotion of understanding brain circuits of the marmoset, a new animal model for neuropsychiatric diseases

Principal Investigator
松元 健二

Kenji Matsumoto

Brain Science Institute, Tamagawa University

We aim to promote translation between maps of the marmoset brain (obtained by the Core Institute) and brain imaging data from neuropsychiatric patients (obtained by the Disease Research Teams). To do so, we will acquire detailed brain imaging data of human healthy subjects by employing high-speed / high-resolution MRI imaging techniques developed by the Core Institute on one hand, and we will record detailed auditory electrophysiological responses from macaque brains on the other hand. Furthermore,we aim to promote identifying brain circuits related to psychiatric disorders by providing a standardized intrinsic motivation task for the Disease Research Teams, and by exploring brain circuits underlying social function in healthy subjects.