Multimodal multi-scale functional mapping of marmoset brain and development of functional mapping at ultra-fine scale

Research period : 2017-2020
Principal Investigator
大木 研一

Kenichi Ohki

Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

In the previous project in Brain/MINDS, we developed multimodal multi-scale functional mapping techniques to bridge the gap between the macroscopic functional organization obtained with functional MRI or optical imaging and the microscopic functional organization obtained with two-photon calcium imaging. Further, we started to apply the multimodal multi-scale functional mapping techniques to the marmoset brain and noticed several problems specific to the functional mapping in the marmoset. In this project, we will solve these problems and accomplish multimodal multi-scale functional mapping of the marmoset cortex, particularly in the primary visual cortex and higher visual areas of marmosets and solve several questions about resting-state functional connectivity and visual information processing in primate visual cortex. Further, we will develop functional mapping techniques at synapse-level to investigate the relation between the anatomical mapping of the marmoset brain at ultra-fine obtained with electron microscopy and the functional connectivity at synapses and applied them to the marmoset brain.