Development of a method for high speed and high resolution whole-brain imaging in primates

Research period : 2017-2020
Principal Investigator
橋本 均

Hitoshi Hashimoto

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University

This study aims to contribute the generation of brain structural and functional maps in primates. For this purpose, we develop high-speed and scalable whole-brain imaging method in primates with throughput increased from existing techniques.
We recently developed a high-speed serial-sectioning imaging system named FAST (block-face serial microscopy tomography) that employs Nipkow spinning disk-based confocal microscopy. In this study, we try to further increase the imaging speed and thus increase versatility of our system in the marmoset brain analyses. In addition, we develop data-processing methods that include e.g. intermediate processing to achieve precise brain structural and functional maps in primates.