Comprehensive measurement and analysis of spatiotemporal transcriptome and epigenome dynamics in the common marmoset brain

Principal Investigator

Yasuhiro Go

Center for Novel Science Initiatives, National Institutes of Natural Sciences

Spatiotemporal transcriptome and epigenome regulations of cells are essential for construction of brain structure and for proper function. Comprehensive analyses of the dynamics of transcriptome and epigenome in the both wild and diseased animal models also lead to understand the molecular causality of the human neuropsychiatric disease. Here we examine the spatiotemporal transcriptome and epigenome dynamics using the common marmoset brain to identify the spatiotemporal-specific (such as layer/nucleus-specific in spatial or development-specific in temporal) modulating genes. More detailed spatiotemporal brain expression patterns of the detected genes will be examined by high-throughput in situ hybridization method and will be constructed into the whole-brain 3D expression atlas.