Functional and structural mapping of primate brain from macroscopic to microscopic level by multidisciplinary methods and function-structure linking of primate cerebral cortex

Principal Investigator
一戸 紀孝

Noritaka Ichinohe

Molecular Analysis of Higher Brain Function

After mapping function of the cortical area by physiological methods, using histological and hodological methods, the homological areas in other primate will be identified. Then, from these areas, using tracers as well as histology, other areas will be determined. These areas and connectional tracts will be matched to MRI-based areas and fiber-tracts by DTI. Each cortical areas have specific layer-based neural construction and myelination. In each area, layer specific functional intra-areal and outer-areal connection will be elucidated by methods using laser in in vitro preparation. In in vivo preparation, using 2 photon-microscopy, functional mapping of primate cortex in one cell level will be examined. By integration of these experiment, how cortical neurons function will be modeled.