Development of a viral vector system improved for pathway-specific labeling and manipulation: application for cortico-basal ganglia network analysis in common marmosets

Research period : 2021-2023
Principal Investigator
小林 和人

Kazuto Kobayashi

School of Medicine, Fukushima Medical University

Our research group has developed a technology for pathway-specific manipulation of the neural circuit and applied this technique to study the structure and function of the cortico-basal ganglia loop circuit in common marmosets. In the present study, our group will try to protect Cre-independent expression of transgenes in a double-floxed inverted orientation (DIO) system in an AAV vector system, and use this new technology for chemogenetic manipulation of the function of the thalamostriatal system in common marmosets. In addition, our group will produce various types of viral vectors and provide them to researchers of the Brain/MINDS project.