Identification of mechanism for motor paralysis and higher brain dysfunction after cerebrovascular disorder,and establishment the translatable biomarkers for their functional recovery using nonhuman primate model

Principal Investigator
伊佐 正

Tadashi Isa

Department of Neuroscience, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University

First, we will identify the neural circuits critical for motor paralysis and compensatory circuits using both rats and macaque monkey models of cerebrovascular dysfunction. Then, we will establish the spatial hemineglect model of macaque monkeys by lesioning the white matter connecting the frontal lobe and parieto-temporal lobes, and that of common marmoset by applying pathway-selective blocking techniques with viral vectors to the pathways connecting the frontal and parieto-temporal lobes. Using these animal models, we will establish the translatable biomarkers that reflect the functional deficit and recovery of motor paralysis and spatial hemineglect following the cerebrovascular dysfunction.