Neural Mechanisms Subserving Marmoset Social Behaviors

Principal Investigator
入來 篤史

Atsushi Iriki

Symbolic Cognitive Development

Replacing previous neuroscience paradigm of testing hypothesized individual subject/animal’s cognitive functions, we aim to detect neural mechanisms subserving complex social interactions emerging among multiple individuals. This represents novel paradigm of “exploratory analysis of interactive neural circuits with long-term changes along development of complex cognitive behaviors”, using marmosets that share some common social behavioral features with humans. Based on these, we try to establish novel algorithms to evaluate dynamics of behavioral pattern transitions over long time and to identify neural mechanisms subserving these behavioral changes. In addition, we will build a general-purpose automated system to efficiently evaluate the effect of neuropharmacological, genetic, or other experimental manipulations, whereby establish a standardized pipeline for evaluation of such marmosets produced by partner laboratories.