Satellite Symposium at SfN 2022 by IBI Data Standards and Sharing Working Group Neuroscience2022, San Diego


2022/11/14 (Mon), 18:30 - 20:40 (PST)


Hilton San Diego Bayfront, United States


As neuroscience projects increase in scale and cross international borders, different ethical principles, national and international laws, regulations, and policies for data sharing must be considered. This creates a need for an international data governance framework to help researchers, institutions, and funders in navigating disparate policies. This symposium aims to bring together researchers, administrators and funders involved or interested in data gathering, sharing and utilization to exchange the challenges and opportunities in international data sharing and to discuss how to establish an international data governance framework.

Open to all audiences upto 100 attendees

Date: 2022/11/14 (Mon), 18:30 - 20:40 (PST)
Location: Hilton San Diego Bayfront, United States
Meeting type: Symposium
Language: English
Hosted by: IBI Data Standards and Sharing WG
Organised by: IBI Data Standards and Sharing WG
Sponsored by: IBI, Brain/MINDS Beyond, Brain/MINDS

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A related conference (by invitation only) will also be held on November 15.


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